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Abby (& Todd)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Matt & Amy :: Engagements

March is almost over... I'm not exactly sure what happened to it, but what a month it's been.

We went from being really sick and miserable to having 80 degree weather, which allowed us to really enjoy some much needed fresh air and warmth. I have to say, last week I did not sit down much and my hips were on fire all week from the numerous walks we did around the neighborhood. It felt so nice to get out my summer clothes and actually get some more freckles on my face from all the sun.

Despite the beginning of the month being a plague, the month is finishing off to be quite nice and tomorrow we get to finish off with a super sweet couple's wedding... and that super sweet couple is worth more then the MEGA MILLION LOTTERY!

Speaking of that super sweet couple... (I know this is much overdo, but seriously, how to people get stuff done with active babies?!?! I'm clueless... but better late then never right?)

Matt & Amy are making things official tomorrow and we could not be more thrilled! I met Matt a few years back when I first moved here. He was a fellow photographer, plus an amazing runner. I not only got the chance to help him out with his track team, but I even got to photograph his sister's wedding as well. Both events were so fun, and now it's his turn to be front and center, or I should say next to his beautiful bride, Amy. She is quite possibly the sweetest, cutest, most loving person you have ever met! I think the two of them are absolutely PERFECT for each other and the way they look at each other is so SWEET!!!!

We are so excited and cannot wait to be a part of such a wonderful day!

Check out a few of my favorites... seriously, there were so many I really had to limit it! Ha!

Matt & Amy were engaged over at Mill Race... so why not re-create that sweet time!



They have so much fun together... it's so cute!!!


Can we say BEAUTIFUL!!!




Love Mill Race and all their historic buildings...


Aww... Adorable!




Are they seriously not the cutest?!...


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Plague of March

I tell you what...

March started out to be a little rough...

I thought it was going to be great, considering the weather has been turning out to be fabulous, and who doesn't love fabulous weather?!

Well March 1st came and I was hopeful. But I started to come down with a slight sore throat. I didn't think anything of it because I don't hold onto many bad germs too long and I like to think I have a great immune system.

Well sure enough, that sore throat turned into a stuffy nose, but nothing too terrible until Sunday rolled around and I was not feeling 100%. I decided a few Vitamin C packets were in order. The only problem... I think I took way TOO many Vitamin C packets and Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and again Wednesday night, my body was WIRED! Seriously wired... my mind was racing 90mph and I would close my eyes to drift off to sleep, and the minute I would start to daze I would have a surge of adrenaline that would cause me to stay awake all night long... literally ALL NIGHT LONG! Most of those nights, I would eventually fall asleep around 6am. only to get an hour or two for those nights. I decided after the firsts two nights, I would try all the "natural" remedies to get to sleep... warm bath, hot tea, warm milk, bananas... you name it, I tried it and NOTHING worked. How frustrating. Needless to say, no sleep equals a poor immune system, so this "slight" cold was holding on a bit too long. I decided a trip to the doctor was in order. So Wednesday I got the first appointment available, and off to the doctor I went. But what a waste of time... they didn't tell me anything I didn't already know and couldn't do much to help. Bummer!

So I tried to go on with my life as I was a walking zombie all week. Thursday night I finally got a few extra hours of sleep, so instead of the 1 - 2, I got about 4. I thought I was smooth sailing, until Friday rolled around... Dah dah dahhhh!

Let me back track... Wednesday night was a bit interesting as Todd was up all night with what we thought was food poison. But sure enough, Friday night I was up throwing up so it must have been a flu bug. So Saturday and Sunday was a bit of a downer... I felt so sick... I couldn't move much. I was starting to think that March was full of the plague...

But I woke up this morning, feeling much better, not 100%, but almost all the way put back together. Now if Jackson would just learn how to sleep through the night already, or at least not wake every couple hours to eat, I would actually be normal again. Haha! But I'm sure that will come with some more time, right?! I guess he just LOVES to eat!!!

Speaking of Jackson...

My boy just turned 6 months old... Can you believe it?!

He's getting to be so BIG, guess it's all that eating, and he's such a little sweetheart... He's so smiley and funny, and can make your heart melt!

Plus, he can do all these fun tricks now, like stick his feet in his mouth... that's talent right there...


He rolls all over the place...


He smiles like crazy and it is so contagious...


He's starting to sit up a bit... not all the way, but almost there...


And we can't forget those BIG BLUE eyes he's been blessed with...LOVE HIM!


Happy 6 months my love... I know it's a few weeks late!

That's ok! He'll never know! :) Hehe!!!