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Abby (& Todd)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Hannah :: 6 months old

March Maddness is ALMOST here... 

Anyone else super excited to fill out a bracket? 

I know I sure am! I'm sure some are more excited than I, but I seriously love "guessing" who will be the winner of it all. Todd and I do one with each other every year. We fill it out by ourselves, then compare it with each other and for some reason, we always have the same winner! What is that all about? My guess is that great minds think alike! Ha! I honestly have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to predicting the winner, it really is a "guessing game" to me. It sure is quite entertaining, so I'll take it! 

Speaking of entertaining, I can think of a few other things that are entertaining off the top of my head... this game called Tahiti, (if you haven't played it, you must, it's super fun!), watching my 18 month old play keep away with an empty peanut butter jar with our dog (all Maddox wants is the peanut butter, but why does this child keep taking it away? Poor guy! Ha!), this little spunky 6 month old that is super entertaining, and I would even go as far as to say she is more entertaining than the whole March Maddness! ***GASP*** Yes, I know, a very bold statement, but she is the sweetest, cutest, most spunky little muffin you've ever met. I just want to kiss all over her cheeks and make her smile all day... she's got such a sweet smile and such a cute laugh! Love her!!!! 

Check out some of my favorites from our session... She could not have been better! So sweet!!!! 

Agghhh.... adorable!

 photo Hannah6months-0007_zps1a3a9efe.jpg

What kid keeps their shoes on... I know Jackson still takes his off... Ha! I love their curiosity! 

 photo Hannah6months-0002_zps5c16cffe.jpg

Why so serious Hannah?! Still precious...

 photo Hannah6months-0010_zpsdb8f7659.jpg

Watch out mom & dad... this looks like a really sneaky face!

 photo Hannah6months-0014_zps678aea07.jpg


 photo Hannah6months-0017_zpsa963b461.jpg


 photo Hannah6months-0025_zps666fd0a7.jpg


 photo Hannah6months-0034_zps6801f200.jpg

Love this...

 photo Hannah6months-0045_zpsc601ecb9.jpg

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Knightly :: Newborn

How exciting... spring is ALMOST here... It's so close I can smell it!

With Daylight Savings just happening, you can now hear the birds chirping really early in the morning, which is so prevalent in the summer. The past two weeks have been a little rough around here. But we are hanging on, and the hope of spring is helping us get through it all. Cabin fever is really hitting us here... Warm weather please hurry!

One of the MANY, many reasons I love spring is because I get to take more photos outside! Aghhh... I love a good outdoor session where I can lay in the green grass and get some dirt on my clothes. Have the sun warm my back as I lay there... I can just picture it right now.

To tide me (& you guys) over until we can showcase some more of those sessions, I'll settle for a few photos of one of the cutest little love muffins around... Baby Knightly!

Knightly is such a sweet baby... not a big fan of getting her photos taken, but she survived and we got some great ones to show just how sassy she is and will be when she gets older. Ha!

Look at those beautiful eyes...

 photo BabyKnightly-0006_zps73d1c898.jpg


 photo BabyKnightly-0013_zps4d8959b1.jpg

Blue Eyed beauty...

 photo BabyKnightly-0015_zps3cd17405.jpg


 photo BabyKnightly-0028_zps6f66e0b6.jpg

She's happy!

 photo BabyKnightly-0041_zps319de8f5.jpg

Who doesn't love a little mermaid?!

 photo BabyKnightly-0052_zps5e0845df.jpg

Agh... I love her!

 photo BabyKnightly-0068_zpsb2abade5.jpg

Thursday, February 28, 2013

TC Lovin'

Oppsss... How did last week (and now this week) sneak away from me?

Last week was a great week! Todd and I got away just the TWO of us just for a few days, but it was so needed. I'm not sure the last time we've done that... ok, yeah I do! It was back in October for ONE night because I had an engagement photo shoot over in Grand Haven. Before that one? It was pre-baby! Aghh... Haha! Boy how kids change your life huh?! I honestly don't know how people do it with more than one... my one is a handful and I find myself being exhausted by the end of the day and wishing there was more hours to the day. They go by so fast... which is why I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with things on my "to-do" lists. One thing will get crossed off, but three things will be added to it. It's a never ending battle!

But last week, Todd and I snuck away for a few days, while the dog watched Jackson. That's ok right?! Kidding! I know better than that. But we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE a place up north that we used to always go to...Traverse City, Michigan AKA: Best place on earth. It's so beautiful, quiet yet still things to do, great places to eat, great places to stay, just an all around great and wonderful place to be! I envy those who live up there, but if I wonder if it would be the same if I lived there... I doubt it, it's so beautiful it's hard not to love this place.

We will be heading to Indiana tomorrow for a quick visit to my family, but will be back in action next week. I'm so excited we are getting closer to the warmer weather... only a few more WEEKS! Remember last year when next week it would have been 60 degrees? I don't think that's going to happen this year, but sure was a great memory!

Have a great weekend!

 photo IMG_3557_zps56d30fbe.jpg

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy (Day Late) Valentine's!

Does everyone else have a chocolate hangover?

I sure do, but not on purpose. I don't even eat much candy, but yesterday I spent a good portion of the day trying to make a REALLY good chocolate chip cookie for my husband, who REALLY likes them. I had made some before that were REALLY good, but what did I do? I tried to make "that" version of cookie, but more... (gasp) HEALTHY!

I know... I know... I know... I totally messed up! But it's in my nature to try and think about how I can make a REALLY bad thing into a NOT-SO bad thing. I mean cookies are really yummy, but let's face it, they aren't the best thing for you, right?!

Well needless to say, I messed up completely and the Valentine's Day cookie was more like a ball of goop! I guess that's what I get for putting mashed avocado in place of butter. Haha! But I guess I didn't feel as bad when Jackson ate one and Todd spit one out. At least they someone likes my cooking.

It was the thought that counts right? I'll keep telling myself that...

Happy Valentine's Day from us over here... We hope your day was wonderful and less chocolate than we had... Haha!

 photo IMG_6225_zpsd9e21ea0.jpg

Friday, February 8, 2013

Matt & Amy :: Wedding

Anyone else a big runner?

I know I sure am... well any kind of exercise and I am. Lately, I've been waking up at 5am in order to get at least an hour on the treadmill before I start my day. It also gives me some time to have for myself, which is rare to come these days.

A few years back, I assisted a track team and Matt was in charge of this track team. It was a ton of fun and the kids were awesome! I was always involved in soccer, so running came pretty natural to me... especially long distance, which is what I helped with. Matt met a girl named Amy, who is not a runner, but sure looks like one and Amy instantly became Matt's biggest cheerleader. She is absolutely perfect for him and the minute I met her, I knew it! Amy is the most thoughtful, sweet, caring woman around... she is incredible and I'm so happy the two met and fell in love! Their wedding was so full of love, friendship, personality, laughter... it was such a fun day and it was an honor to be a part of it!

Congratulations you guys... we loved being a part!

Check out a few of my favorites from their day....

Dress: David's Bridal
Shoes: Reebok
Church: Oakland Hills Community Church
Reception Hall: Highland Park Baptist Church

 photo Yacoub-0016_zpsdc4c9c5b.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0019_zps8ac6e1cf.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0029_zpsa24e004f.jpg

Smartest Bride EVER...

 photo Yacoub-0064_zps2b356bfc.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0082_zps11d3abd5.jpg

For all you men reading this, this is what it's like for a woman to get ready for her wedding...

 photo Yacoub-0099_zpsdca2b3dd.jpg

Amy was STUNNING...

 photo Yacoub-0199_zps4d5359dd.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0206_zps22d2c75e.jpg

Loved all of her girls...

 photo Yacoub-0151_zps761456e8.jpg

Matt and his many guys were awesome...

 photo Yacoub-0243_zps8082cefb.jpg

Their ceremony was so cute... especially, these twins...

 photo Yacoub-0377_zps4c129d60.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0385_zpsec722de4.jpg

So excited...

 photo Yacoub-0409_zpsf76f7189.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0435_zpsb3057a04.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0496_zps6b489816.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0552_zps29a26f70.jpg

Love this moment after the kiss...

 photo Yacoub-0556_zps65a51599.jpg

And this one... Matt being a runner, they ran down the aisle, sweatband and tennis shoes... LOVE THAT!

 photo Yacoub-0572_zps41d75201.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0575_zpsf79bc706.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0583_zps60da7619.jpg

Such a fun group...

 photo Yacoub-0717_zps30cdcd79.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0778_zpsc038c415.jpg


 photo Yacoub-0796_zps302a6cbd.jpg

One of my favorites...

 photo Yacoub-0845_zps464ae313.jpg

Beautiful Cake...
 photo Yacoub-0692_zps7b45ecad.jpg

Beautiful Reception...

 photo Yacoub-0698_zps4d21bf40.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1053_zpsa3de6960.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1073_zps46ce144f.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1064_zps8f11567e.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1057_zpsac609119.jpg

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Jacob :: 2 months old

What a week it's been already...

I woke up last Thursday with a super sore throat... It felt like a fireball was stuck there, and it burned so bad every time I swallowed. Let's just say every chance I got to spit, I did! Ha! But the minute it stopped hurting, my nose started running... Ugh! One thing then the next! I wonder the minute I stop blowing my nose what will happen?! Let's hope that's it though. It seems like everyone is sick, especially this time of year. But how can you avoid it when one day is almost 60 degrees and the next is 20 and a blizzard outside? All I know is that I am counting down the days until it's spring... we are only 50 days away!

Speaking of 50 days...

Someone I know has only been alive about 50 days, and he's the sweetest, cutest little love muffin named Jacob. Oh he's so precious and such a little cuddler. I just met him the other day and I love him so much already. My dear yoga friend, Renee, who moved out to Seattle last year after getting married happened to be in town this week and we planned a little session for her newest love bug. What a blessing it was to see them both. I miss her so much! She's such a sweet and uplifting spirit... she's so strong and courageous, especially moving way across the country without even knowing anyone except her new husband. I think she's doing quite well and I cannot wait until the next visit she makes here.

Congratulations my love... Jacob is so precious and it was an honor to hold him and capture him while you were here!

He's so adorable!

 photo BabyJacob-0012_zps58176134.jpg

Doesn't get any better than this...

 photo BabyJacob-0038_zpsaf3710f1.jpg

Love this...

 photo BabyJacob-0042_zps5aa40989.jpg

Looks like his mama to me...

 photo BabyJacob-0054_zps666fd34f.jpg

Who doesn't love baby feet???

 photo BabyJacob-0055_zps729bc244.jpg

Gaa... Love him!

 photo BabyJacob-0066_zps0ef6ffbe.jpg

Love Renee's tattoo with Jake's head... so precious!

 photo BabyJacob-0071_zpsaaa31280.jpg

Football fan...

 photo BabyJacob-0104_zps83d4ed0e.jpg