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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Jacob :: 2 months old

What a week it's been already...

I woke up last Thursday with a super sore throat... It felt like a fireball was stuck there, and it burned so bad every time I swallowed. Let's just say every chance I got to spit, I did! Ha! But the minute it stopped hurting, my nose started running... Ugh! One thing then the next! I wonder the minute I stop blowing my nose what will happen?! Let's hope that's it though. It seems like everyone is sick, especially this time of year. But how can you avoid it when one day is almost 60 degrees and the next is 20 and a blizzard outside? All I know is that I am counting down the days until it's spring... we are only 50 days away!

Speaking of 50 days...

Someone I know has only been alive about 50 days, and he's the sweetest, cutest little love muffin named Jacob. Oh he's so precious and such a little cuddler. I just met him the other day and I love him so much already. My dear yoga friend, Renee, who moved out to Seattle last year after getting married happened to be in town this week and we planned a little session for her newest love bug. What a blessing it was to see them both. I miss her so much! She's such a sweet and uplifting spirit... she's so strong and courageous, especially moving way across the country without even knowing anyone except her new husband. I think she's doing quite well and I cannot wait until the next visit she makes here.

Congratulations my love... Jacob is so precious and it was an honor to hold him and capture him while you were here!

He's so adorable!

 photo BabyJacob-0012_zps58176134.jpg

Doesn't get any better than this...

 photo BabyJacob-0038_zpsaf3710f1.jpg

Love this...

 photo BabyJacob-0042_zps5aa40989.jpg

Looks like his mama to me...

 photo BabyJacob-0054_zps666fd34f.jpg

Who doesn't love baby feet???

 photo BabyJacob-0055_zps729bc244.jpg

Gaa... Love him!

 photo BabyJacob-0066_zps0ef6ffbe.jpg

Love Renee's tattoo with Jake's head... so precious!

 photo BabyJacob-0071_zpsaaa31280.jpg

Football fan...

 photo BabyJacob-0104_zps83d4ed0e.jpg

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