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Abby (& Todd)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brandon & Diana :: Wedding

Anyone know how to get their child to sleep past 6 am? 

Oh heavens... I sure wish there was a magic trick for that one. It's days like today I wish I drank coffee, but cannot stand the taste of it, so I'll stick with my green tea. But of course that doesn't give me much energy. Oh well... living the dream right?! I'm loving most of the minutes... tired or not. I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead right?! Ha! 

But on to something more interesting... Haha! 

Brandon and Diana... 

Brandon and Diana are literally the sweetest couple... both are so warm, so friendly, and so genuine. They are full of love... and SO IN LOVE! It was great to spend the day with them while they became husband and wife, and their wedding was absolutely incredible! 

They were married at one of the most beautiful churches, they had amazing weather, they had incredible friends and family surrounding them, and it couldn't be any better! 

Congratulations you guys... we had a BLAST!

Check out a few of our favorites from their beautiful wedding... 

Dress: Bella Bridal
Reception Venue: Detroit Athletic Club

Such a beautiful dress Diana wore...

 photo Reece-0016_zpsb730af70.jpg

Shoes were so cute as well...

 photo Reece-0034_zps56b0a958.jpg


 photo Reece-0179_zps60ecda58.jpg

Diana and her girls were A-MAZING!!!

 photo Reece-0426_zps634fba03.jpg

 photo Reece-0403_zps1b481dd2.jpg

 photo Reece-0271_zps84b536e7.jpg

Brandon and his guys were awesome...

 photo Reece-0835_zps9553c168.jpg

 photo Reece-0082_zps81e03898.jpg

The opted for a first look and what a beautiful place to have it... 

 photo Reece-0207_zpsafaa3ff9.jpg

 photo Reece-0232_zpse2404084.jpg

 photo Reece-0223_zps814eaba4.jpg


 photo Reece-0390_zps02e6044d.jpg

 photo Reece-0418_zpse24360be.jpg

 photo Reece-0747_zps8d36c369.jpg

 photo Reece-0772_zpse7126d66.jpg

What a great place for photos...

 photo Reece-0796_zps2933d5c6.jpg

And such a fun group...

 photo Reece-0298_zps07763408.jpg

Time for the ceremony and it was incredible...

 photo Reece-0496_zps6baa4736.jpg

 photo Reece-0501_zps150b3991.jpg

 photo Reece-0509_zps7da2208a.jpg

 photo Reece-0538_zpsdae4e983.jpg

 photo Reece-0608_zps5112b360.jpg

 photo Reece-0636_zpsc9ec0454.jpg

And right before the reception, we got to go up to the roof for a few quick photos... it was awesome...

 photo Reece-0938_zps6c690c95.jpg

Their reception was so unique and so full of Detroit...

 photo Reece-0885_zpsdfe5aa7e.jpg

 photo Reece-0852_zpscc069719.jpg

 photo Reece-0877_zps56148acc.jpg

 photo Reece-0866_zps386c3917.jpg

 photo Reece-0905_zps6540b97f.jpg

 photo Reece-1022_zps8ab9d6d3.jpg

 photo Reece-1049_zpsfe4ca0fd.jpg

 photo Reece-1053_zpsf927b3d8.jpg

Their first dance was so sweet... 

 photo Reece-1236_zps728499ee.jpg

 photo Reece-1255_zpsa7336349.jpg

And Diana's dance with her daddy was such a sweet dance as well...

 photo Reece-1310_zpsa573b4d8.jpg

 photo Reece-1312_zpsca40e0c0.jpg

Brandon and his mama's dance... super fun!!!

 photo Reece-1322_zps1968e8f9.jpg

Get it gurrrl....

 photo Reece-1357_zps9c132f83.jpg

 photo Reece-1360_zps123b3dfe.jpg

And right before the reception, we got to go up to the roof for a few quick photos... it was awesome...

 photo Reece-0938_zps6c690c95.jpg

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