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Abby (& Todd)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Matt & Amy :: Wedding

Anyone else a big runner?

I know I sure am... well any kind of exercise and I am. Lately, I've been waking up at 5am in order to get at least an hour on the treadmill before I start my day. It also gives me some time to have for myself, which is rare to come these days.

A few years back, I assisted a track team and Matt was in charge of this track team. It was a ton of fun and the kids were awesome! I was always involved in soccer, so running came pretty natural to me... especially long distance, which is what I helped with. Matt met a girl named Amy, who is not a runner, but sure looks like one and Amy instantly became Matt's biggest cheerleader. She is absolutely perfect for him and the minute I met her, I knew it! Amy is the most thoughtful, sweet, caring woman around... she is incredible and I'm so happy the two met and fell in love! Their wedding was so full of love, friendship, personality, laughter... it was such a fun day and it was an honor to be a part of it!

Congratulations you guys... we loved being a part!

Check out a few of my favorites from their day....

Dress: David's Bridal
Shoes: Reebok
Church: Oakland Hills Community Church
Reception Hall: Highland Park Baptist Church

 photo Yacoub-0016_zpsdc4c9c5b.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0019_zps8ac6e1cf.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0029_zpsa24e004f.jpg

Smartest Bride EVER...

 photo Yacoub-0064_zps2b356bfc.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0082_zps11d3abd5.jpg

For all you men reading this, this is what it's like for a woman to get ready for her wedding...

 photo Yacoub-0099_zpsdca2b3dd.jpg

Amy was STUNNING...

 photo Yacoub-0199_zps4d5359dd.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0206_zps22d2c75e.jpg

Loved all of her girls...

 photo Yacoub-0151_zps761456e8.jpg

Matt and his many guys were awesome...

 photo Yacoub-0243_zps8082cefb.jpg

Their ceremony was so cute... especially, these twins...

 photo Yacoub-0377_zps4c129d60.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0385_zpsec722de4.jpg

So excited...

 photo Yacoub-0409_zpsf76f7189.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0435_zpsb3057a04.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0496_zps6b489816.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0552_zps29a26f70.jpg

Love this moment after the kiss...

 photo Yacoub-0556_zps65a51599.jpg

And this one... Matt being a runner, they ran down the aisle, sweatband and tennis shoes... LOVE THAT!

 photo Yacoub-0572_zps41d75201.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0575_zpsf79bc706.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0583_zps60da7619.jpg

Such a fun group...

 photo Yacoub-0717_zps30cdcd79.jpg

 photo Yacoub-0778_zpsc038c415.jpg


 photo Yacoub-0796_zps302a6cbd.jpg

One of my favorites...

 photo Yacoub-0845_zps464ae313.jpg

Beautiful Cake...
 photo Yacoub-0692_zps7b45ecad.jpg

Beautiful Reception...

 photo Yacoub-0698_zps4d21bf40.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1053_zpsa3de6960.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1073_zps46ce144f.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1064_zps8f11567e.jpg

 photo Yacoub-1057_zpsac609119.jpg

Happy Friday!

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