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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Times Friday :: Renee the Yogini

TGIF... with another installment of Fun Times Friday!

There are only a few more Friday's left until our little guy arrives, so I'm totally cherishing these moments.

One of the fun moments I really had this past week, was when I met up with and old and dear yoga friend, Renee. Renee and I used to practice at the same yoga studio, in which we both were totally committed and let's just face it, totally addicted, to our 6am morning Ashtanga yoga class. We both were two of the "few" regular, diehard attenders to that class.

Well... all the way up until this past fall when I decided it would be fun to play flag football and I ended up breaking my finger and could not do anything on my hands, which basically was 80% of my morning practice. Then, our little guy decided he was going to start growing in my belly, which added another couple months out of the studio. But Renee is still there doing her thing and representing very proudly. I miss her along with all my yoga family, but I think about them often and I was SO EXCITED when I got an email from Renee asking me to do some photos for her.

I have done some in the past, and what an honor it was to do something fun like this again. Plus it sparked so many fond memories!

Renee, thank you for allowing me to capture some of your sweet poses... you are truly so beautiful!


LOVE this one... the combination of her and the light was AWESOME!


Such a daredevil!



LOVE IT!!! (Yes, she was holding that for quite some time!)



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