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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend!

I LOVE 4th of July!

Although Maddox would differ since he's so scared of the sound of fireworks, and gets pretty freaked out, I love how it's full of SUN, cookouts, fireworks, friends & family, and most importantly SUN... I know I said SUN twice, but that is key, especially for someone who hates cold, like me, even if it is 90+ degrees! The SUN is awesome and it does not only feel nice on the skin, but it is making our lovely plants grow like wildflowers, and with our ever expanding garden this year, or I should say "tomato garden" as we decided to try WAY more heirlooms this year, but each day of sun is one more day closer to be able to enjoy those sweet, yummy, juicy fruits or vegetables, whatever they are technically considered.

I was actually pleasantly surprised today when I was watering because a slight hint of color caught my eye and after investigating further, I came across a little teaser! A little sunsugar tomato, which if you have not ever tried and like tomatoes it is a MUST, was in full bloom, I'm talking bloomed enough to EAT. Oh my goodness was it deeeeeelicious! It was definitely a teaser that's for sure and it's a good thing I caught it early enough or else some other teeth might have gotten to it before me...



I hope whatever your plans are for the weekend, that it's awesome!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

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