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Abby (& Todd)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicago Style

I'm such a city girl!

OK... maybe not! But this past weekend, I totally living like a local.

Todd and I, along with another couple, went over to Chicago to visit friends of ours. Our friends moved into a condo on Michigan Ave. just TWO miles down from the Magnificent Mile. Right Downtown...Wow! Can we say... JEALOUS? How fun would that be to live that close to all the shopping places you can imagine, not only that, but how fun would it be to live within walking distance to LOTS of other things like the subway, restaurants, work, etc... I loved it! I have to say that Todd got major brownie points from me this past weekend. Saturday he recommended this 'Earth Friendly' restaurant called Karyns on Green that had really good reviews. He talked everyone into going and I was so excited! We go there to find out that they don't have any meat there... oppsss... Sorry guys! I was LOVING it, but felt terrible that everyone else was a bit in shock. But no worries... everyone was up for it and LOVED it! So what a great experience that was for them.

When we left though, I pulled an "Abby". What's an Abby you might ask. I'm basically known for being forgetful... opppsss! I forgot my purse with my driver's license in it. What are the odds? Oh well... who needs to drive or should I say 'legally'. TOTALLY KIDDING! My friends mailed it back so I'm legal now! Haha!

All in all, Chicago is the BEST and I'm going to dream of one day Clawson being like Chicago! Ha... that might be a while huh? Ha!

Todd & I lovin' the city, but he says we can't move there... booo... haha!


Walking by "The Bean" or as the locals call it "The Cloud"



This was taken while running, hence the blurred view... but I love all those lights...


We got all dressed up for dinner one night... (Yes that's me, even though I never wear stuff like that, I was totally livin' like a local!)


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LOVE the dress! so glad you posted a picture of it :)