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Abby (& Todd)

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Dearest Ab

You can just call me "Spontaneous" because yet again I decide last minute to do things...

I have to say that the last couple years have been really hard to keep in touch with people. I somewhat feel old friendships slip away each year, and I am trying to not let that happen. Especially now that I am a bit less busy, and am now flexible with my schedule to go visit and spend time with friends dear to my heart.

I decided last minute to go visit one of my dearest and BEST friends in Ohio. Abbey has been one of those friends who has touched my life in a way that only few people can. She and I met my junior year/her sophomore year in college. We both played soccer, as she just decided to that year, and I'm so thankful that she did. It wasn't until one of our van rides that we talked and talked and talked more... until we were back at school. God had put us in each others lives for a great purpose and to grow and learn from each other. I have learned more from Ab than probably any other person, and we both were new in our faith. We were able to talk about anything and laugh about anything and just hang out and be REAL! She is one friend that I will NEVER forget and never have to because I know she's going to do well with herself. We will be friends to the end... and more.

Ab has decided to leave this country in just TWO weeks and head off to Seoul, South Korea for an amazing journey. She will be impacting the lives of many young children and teaching them English. I am so proud of her decision and I KNOW she's going to be an amazing teacher.

I had the best time hanging out Ab, and I know there will be many more times once you come back... IF you come back! Ha! Thank you for your friendship and the life you live that is so inspiring! I know that God will bless you so much for doing what he asks of you. You have changed my heart forever. I love you and will miss you so much!

P.S. You should learn how to say Chachi in Korean... That'd be so cool! ;)

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Abbey said...

You will be getting a little note in the mail here soon!!