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Abby (& Todd)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Absent for a Reason...

You know when you are just having a rough week, nothing seems to be going well at all...

Plain and simple, that was me last week.

I actually think it was contagious too because Todd was having a rough week as well, partially related to my stress, but he had some other stress of his own he was dealing with.

But it's a NEW week and we started off the new week great. We thought it was fair that we both just got out of town for a night, just to get away from our house, our work, and our kitchen project that seems to be the main focus right now. But getting away from it was just what we needed. We just hung out over there and enjoyed being away. I have to say I LOVE Grand Rapids due to their vegan friendly restaurants, super fun shops, college town atmosphere, and semi-mountainous hills to drive on. It was beautiful there. We basically just drove around and when we wanted to stop somewhere we did.... including our spontaneous, yet delicious stop picking the BEST blueberries ever! We now have 14 lbs. to last us all winter long. Let's hope they make it that long, I kind of doubt it will but oh well!


I am recharged and ready to go now....

Happy Tuesday!!!

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