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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspiration in a Scrapbook Store?

A Scrapbook Store?

It's odd reading that because if anyone knows me at all, you know that I'm not much of a scrapper. (That's what I call them, but I'm not sure of the correct lingo for it)

There is a scrapping store called "I love Scrapbooking" right down from our house, and every time we drive by on a Friday or Saturday night, I get a good laugh because all the scrappers are in there at crazy hours. I guess the Scrapping Bug never bit me because both my mom and sister love it. My mom has even become a rep for a Scraping company called, Close to My Heart Scrapbooking. (If you're intersted you can contact her at dkfaunce@gmail.com or check out her blog). But I never really got it... and then I thought about the reasons why I don't like scrapping because I love taking photos, I love telling stories through them, I love editing them (most of them at least), and I love displaying them. The only thing that I could come up with was that:

I'm a neat FREAK and HATE clutter, so having all those supplies sit in my house makes me just a bit ______what's the word I'm looking for??? OK... I'm OCD about it... I can't stand the pillows out of their spot on the couch, or the fridge not being organized, or the dirty clothes not being placed in the correct spot of whites, darks, and dry clean baskets, or blankets being used and not being folded and placed back where they belong, or... I could go on all day about things that I go CRAZY about.

I've worked up a sweat just typing that... ha! Let's just say it's not for me.

Anyways... enough of the blabbing... I went in to the "I love Scrapbooking" store about 4 weeks ago, after I got some great advice from a couple people in Indy when I went for the photo seminar. I had just redone my logo right before I went and I wanted feedback on it because, to me, my logo is important and I didn't have a lot of feedback on it beforehand. I want my logo to represent what I do, my personality, and most importantly I want it to suit me. As I talked with a couple people and showed them what I had come up with, they described the logo being someone that was NOT me at all. I knew right there I needed help!

I loved being in college because there was so much constructive criticism that it was great to hear the bad stuff... obviously to help you become better. I needed what these people were saying, I yearn for this stuff. As I took their advice, one of the girls, and friend of mine Shelly, told me to find inspiration from different kinds of designs and shapes, like in a paper store. The week after I got home from Indy, I decided that's where I should go. I found some really cool papers, shapes, and designs. It has taken me almost four weeks to come up with one, and as I almost gave up being so frustrated at the thought of designing something I honestly am terrible at, I created one that is ME.

I want to thank my good friends Goody and JD for helping me and giving the criticism I needed. Thanks guys! Also if you are interested in having a logo created just for you, please contact Janelle as she is a very talented freelance graphic designer in Indianapolis.

Very simple, clean, and fun... just like me! ;)


rmsargent said...

I really like it :)
Im glad you used pink, and the heart is really cute. very good.

Deb-Close to my Heart Consultant said...

nice.... and thanks for the plug