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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year!

Really???... I thought that was like 4 months ago, right?! Well, I feel like I just have to restart the year. I'm doing terrible at my resolution, which I guess I didn't really have one, but I wanted to. So I am starting over. Today is sort of like midnight Jan 1 and I'm starting again. I really wanted to get my business rolling this year, and although it is "rolling" I have not set goals that I want to attain as far as how it grows. I absolutely LOVE taking photos, and I could probably do it all day, well maybe have a couple 15 min breaks so I can eat because I do eat often... ha! But if I needed to skip eating, I totally would! But I want to allow myself to achieve things that I feel I am succeeding and doing the work I am called to do.

So all in all... I am setting new goals for my business and ONE of those goals is to blog more. I know I've been terrible and inconsistent, but how is anyone going to know who I am & Veldman Photo is if I don't tell them, right?! So check back more often as I'm going to find many things to chat about, whether it be photography related or just something fun. So tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, hair dressers, trainers, nanny's, waiters, pets to go ahead and check us out (You know Maddox is a follower!) I love it when people tell me they keep up on us through our blog, that makes me feel like what I'm writing is actually being read. Also... every 50th comment will receive a special gift from me so don't be scared to give feedback. So here's to more posts and more comments... Cheers!

I am leaving you with a "first look" at an engagement session I had today out in Rochester... super fun couple all the way from South Carolina! I wish I was shooting the wedding there! Ha!



JennWebber Photography has moved: JennAnibal.com said...

well i just love commenting... can i qualify for a special something or do i have to be a client? ;)

Veldman Photo said...

ANYONE can... :)

Karen Bosch said...

I am a faithful reader of your blog, too. I suppose I should leave a comment more often!! Your photography always inspires me and gives me ideas of new ways to frame pictures.