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Abby (& Todd)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Gulp... Yes, Please!

I love my husband...

There are many, many reasons why I love him, but one in particular has been his initiative to do things for me. I recently made my weekly grocery/"to purchase" list and one of those "things" on there was to get another water bottle to replace the one that I had. I have this water jug that holds about 24 oz. that has this bendy straw that I love! I love it because 1. it holds so much water (I LOVE water!) and 2. because of that lovely bendy straw. Who doesn't love to drink water from a straw????

I recently came home to find that Todd had went ahead and went to the grocery to purchased everything on my list (how sweet!!!)... including my new and improved BIG GULP! Low and behold the 64 oz. gulp of heaven including its own BIGGER bendy straw. My jaw dropped to the floor in awe of how great it was to know that I have such a great husband to do things for me, but more importantly that they make water bottles to hold even more water... LOVE IT! It even has cute information on the reasons to drink water... Ha! Oh wow... he's the best... both the water bottle and the husband!


Happy Monday!!!

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pkgormong said...

haha! My father in law has one of these and drinks a whole one EVERY day! Good job, Abby!!! Enjoy your pictures! love, Kara Gormong