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Friday, June 4, 2010

More Work... Less Play

"Stop talking and get back to work!"

I do remember hearing that phrase sometime through my lovely school days. I was usually the one who was being talked to rather than the "talker", but I admit I was a chatty girl who would always be giggling and clowning, especially when I got older in school. Oh, how I loved those school days and loved all those memories that I made and now over fill my brain. Sometimes too many memories, and some start to get pushed up into the attic and need some help getting to. I feel like that every time I come to Indiana, I'll remember little bits and pieces of what life was like when I lived here. I mean I did spend a good chunk my life here in this glorious state, but I'm finding myself forgetting what street names are and where they are located at, what store I want to go to in the mall and where it's at, the name of the gym I went to yesterday morning with my sister and now can barley sit down now... way TOO MANY squats! But my memory is fading day after day and the more I'm away, the more I forget! I guess that's part of life though.

Usually my trips to Indiana are focused more on spending time with my family and making memories with them since I do not get to see them very much at all anymore, but this trip down was focused more on work. I have had a few photo shoots being down here that I have been super happy with because for one, I get to see people I have not seen or talked to in a while and two, because well, isn't it obvious... I get to take PHOTOS! I'm not sure what the best part is seeing the people I have not seen in a really long time or taking photos of the people! It's a WIN-WIN situation for me and I'm totally lovin' it! It's kind of like I'm reminiscing the past while documenting the present, and looking forward to the future of the baby that was born and the two engagements that will soon be weddings! I'm getting really theological on you all, huh? I better stop now or else I'm going to be confusing myself here.

All I know is that when I get back home, our kitchen is going to be completely destroyed and I'm going to be a bit overwhelmed!

Until then... enjoy the sneak peak...

This photo pretty much speaks for itself... my sister and niece came over when we were almost done and Izzy thought she would take it in her own hands to steal her pacifier. Raygan was not a happy baby... haha!


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