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Abby (& Todd)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Excuse Me... Who invited You?

Guess what???

Todd and I had our baby...


Ummm... that can't be, can it???


This is just a preview of a little guy I had the opportunity to take some photos of earlier in the week, and more will be posted next week as I finish them up.

But the title is really trying to explains an unwanted visitor that has arrived here.... a stupid COLD!

I thought I had a great immune system. Bummer! I don't usually get sick, besides here and there the last year or so, and let's not forget the dreadful flu bug we had over Christmas. Oh my... that was way worse than what I'm experiencing now, but now I feel hopeless because I cannot do much to make it go away, besides putting honey in my warm water, gargling with salt water here and there, laying on the couch while I get bed sores... how depressing! It's stuck in my nose, throat, and head... I do feel like I'm getting a pretty good cardio workout ever time I go up and down the stairs, but that could be the extra weight I have right now and the fact that my lungs are being pushed up my chest and they don't have their usual space to expand. Haha!

Well let's hope I wake up tomorrow feeling better and refreshed or else I might just consider chopping my head off, I would do so much better without it right now... Ha!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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