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Abby (& Todd)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael (Mikey) :: 3 months

I love seeing familiar faces... people that you know or met a while back and you haven't seen for maybe a year or two or even three+ years. It's always a shame when you know it's been that long since you've seen good friends too. (Ughh... that's the worst!) But it is nice to see someone you did not expect, which totally makes up for it!

I had the privilege to get a phone call from one of my beautiful 2009 bride's, who had such great news to tell me. They had a little boy in January and they wanted to get some photos of him. I was for 1. thrilled she called me 2. thrilled they had a baby, and 3. I was going to get to see her again... how great is it to see someone that you have not seen in a while and did not except to see. I LOVE that!

Their little guy, Mikey, was just adorable! He has this cute little face with big blue eyes with such a sweet and EXTREMELY content personality. On this day, in particular, he was a bit too content. Babies must know how much their parents want cute pictures of them and they do everything in their power to fight against. It seems the pattern of rebellion starts at a very young age. Ha! Just kidding... but Mikey was great. He was so content with my camera that his poor mom was trying everything in her power to get him to smile and he was not having none of it. Even a speaker phone call with dad did not work... he must have just been having one of those days! None of that stops the fact that he's still adorable and as sweet as can be!

Look at those eyes... Ha!




He's such a tease... just a little smirk instead of a smile...


Tired already... we just started!


Love it!!


I love his eyes... adorable!


Ha... it's hard not to laugh at him with that little tongue out...


Mr. Content!


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