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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mucho Gusto Tomatoes!

I heart this time of year... sooo sooo much!

The green grass, the warm sun, the clothes hanging on the clothesline (yes, I'm one of "those" people who has all their clothes outside hanging on the line... I love it, so don't hate and you save $3/per load... BONUS!), not only that but this begins the season of the sweet, mouth watering TOMATOES!

I remember when we first moved in to our house three years ago, we started our garden with this small 4' x 4' little square that took us so stinkin' long to dig up because little did we know that someone buried huge pieces of cement that we ran in to and had to dig up... Unbelievable! So the next year, we went with the raised bed route, which was awesome! This year we have expanded into Veldman Farms... seriously, Todd decided to build more beds and grow more veggies, which is one of the many reasons why I love that guy so much, I love veggies and he knows that... (Mwaaaa.... xoxoxox!!!- That's for Todd- Ha!)

All I know is that with more beds, we have way more room for TOMATOES! I can't wait for the time they actually start producing... but if anyone else is growing them and they are already blooming, you know who to share with! I will hug for tomatoes... how about that?!

Mucho Gusto Tomatoes... even ones in the magazine... mmm... I can't wait for ours to grow!


It got bigger... LOVE IT!!!


Maddox found a toad and was so confused as to what that thing was... I had to toss it over the fence since he started to swat at it... the toad was not a fan of Mad...


Happy "Nice Day Outside"!!!

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