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Abby (& Todd)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy BIG 3-0 Sis!!!

What a day...

Today could be considered a day to relax, a day to work, a day to organize and clean your house (which I totally should be doing, but choose to relax instead), but more importantly a day to celebrate something special...

Well that last part is SO true! Whatever the special occasion it is for you... celebrate!

For me, my something special is when my lovely BIG sister was born, 30 years ago! I cannot believe how grown up she is... it feels like just yesterday we were both so young enjoying our carefree kid days and now we are getting older, with our not-so-carefree days anymore, and having kids of our own. Where does the time go? I'm glad we were always goofing off together and making such fond memories to cherish the rest of our lives. We were such clowns together that whenever I think about my childhood, whether good or bad, I always remember laughing and smiling!

I have been blessed with such an amazing friend, supporter, comforter, and role model, that I'm proud to call my sister.

You have been nothing but the best over the years, (minus a few incidents, see photo below, haha! Totally kidding!) that my life would not be complete without you!

Love you and Happy Birthday!!!



Alex said...

Awww! Beautiful words and beautiful photo! So cute :) Happy birthday to your sister :)

steph bratcher said...

haha - love the photo!! hope you guys had fun celebrating! :)